Inheritance and
Succession Law

Inheritance and Succession Law

Our core competences

In the area of corporate and real estate law, corporate succession in the event of inheritance has become an important and largely independent area of advice for many of our entrepreneurially active clients. Peters Borowiak Kiss & Magnus advises clients in anticipation of succession to set the course for an orderly and tax-optimized transfer of assets. Especially in the corporate sector, a gradual transfer of assets and responsibilities can increase the motivation of the successor and provide effective control over the responsible handling of the transferred assets. Unwanted claims to a compulsory portion can also be reduced if the transfer is made in good time.

In this context, Peters Borowiak Kiss & Magnus also assists in the drafting of wills and inheritance contracts, with regard to corporate, tax and insolvency law aspects.

Our expertise includes among others

  • Gradual transfer of assets
  • Reduction of compulsory portion claims
  • Drafting of wills and inheritance contracts
  • Comprehensive knowledge of corporate, tax and insolvency law
  • Development of succession strategies
  • Advice on compensation claims

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