In the area of corporate and real estate law, corporate succession in case of inheritance has become an important and largely independent advisory panel for many of our entrepreneurial clients. Peters Borowiak Kiss & Magnus aim to advise prior to succession, in order to set the course for a well-regulated and tax-efficient transfer of assets. Especially in the corporate sector a gradual transfer of control and responsibility can stimulate the motivation of the future successor and ensure the appropriate and responsible utilization of transferred assets. Undesirable claims to a compulsory portion can also be limited by a timely transfer.

In this context, Peters Borowiak Kiss & Magnus also assist in the drafting of testaments and inheritance contracts, paying particular attention to matters of corporate, tax and insolvency law. Especially the reform of inheritance and gift duty legislation has led to an increased demand for advice in this area of practice.

Consultants in this area of law:

Henning Kiss
Reinhold Magnus
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