Insolvency, Restructuring

Bankruptcy Legal advice does not begin with the formal opening of insolvency proceedings or at the point where such proceedings have been rejected due to a lack of insolvency assets, but much earlier. Peters Borowiak Kiss & Magnus therefore offer preventive advice to companies, their shareholders and institutions in the early stage of negotiation and creation of contracts in order to avoid liability risks, but also in the process of crisis to ensure reasonable counter measures, to accompany restructuring and reorganization, and thus to achieve the so-called turnaround. Our lawyers, accountants and tax advisers work closely together to identify and effectively prevent emerging liability-risks. Our consultants are profound and highly experienced specialist in the field of insolvency law, who are always familiar with all the latest developments and procedures.

In the case of bankruptcy we offer advice to both creditors and debtors. In this matter Peters Borowiak Kiss & Magnus support creditors with the filing of claims in the insolvency table, assist in liability suits against liquidators, assist with the enforcement of separate and preferential satisfaction rights and ensure proper defense against contesting claims of liquidators. Regarding debtors, Peters Borowiak Kiss & Magnus develop creative rehabilitation concepts, such as bankruptcy plans and effectively exercise the debtors rights from the application throughout to the final distribution.

Consultants in this area of law:

Reinhold Magnus
Henning Kiss

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