Building and Construction Law

Construction, revitalization and the operation of buildings, structures and facilities as well as their respective administration are costly, long-term transactions. Owners, contractors, project managers, developers and architects operate in a risky market, which is highly conflict-ridden and susceptible to substantial damages. Peters Borowiak Kiss & Magnus are recognized for their special competence in this area of law. Peters, Borowiak & Magnus represent their clients in the property and construction industry in all emerging private and public law issues.

Highly qualified legal advice in this practice area includes not only the knowledge of the economic and legal factors but also getting acquainted with comprehensive technical details, which form the basis to an in-depth understanding of the matter and presuppose highly satisfying solutions. We provide the necessary legal support from the initial structuring of real estate projects, to the preparation, tendering, negotiation and conclusion of all contracts. We also offer legal advice in the area of public building law, construction planning and the construction permission procedure. We solve problems occurring during the construction period as well as those related to the settlement. Furthermore, we deal with all necessary negotiations concerning defect warranty and conduct arbitration or inevitable legal or extra-judicial proceedings for the preservation of evidence and enforcement of claims.

Our clients include leading German construction firms.

Consultants in this area of law:

Jan Peters (specialized in construction and architectural law)

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