Industrial Property

In order for companies to compete successfully, protection and defense of trademarks, copyrights and associated rights are becoming increasingly important. This applies almost similarly to individual IP rights of private clients. Peters, Borowiak & Magnus ensures that the intellectual property of clients is protected and can be utilized appropriately. We advise all kinds of rights owners, such as publishers, artists, creators, licensees, software vendors and associations but also perceived infringers of intellectual property right in the field of intellectual property protection.

Our range of activities include in particular the brand, the Internet domain, copyright and competition law. We file our clients' brands and pursue their interests as a trademark, Internet domain or copyright holders. We design and examine licensing agreements and take legal action against any kind of antitrust violation that is committed to our clients both in and out of court.

Consultants in this area of law:

Nils Thormählen

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